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04 Dec
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Harnessing ICT Resources for improved systems and processes

Today the CECM for Education, ICT and E-government Raymond Komen has formed an ICT Technical Team that will come up with innovative ways of improving systems and processes within the County Government of Nakuru.  

 Speaking during a meeting with staff from ICT and E-government department, the CECM said that H.E Lee Kinyanjui firmly believes that proper application of ICT has the capacity to transform the entire county government into an effective working system.

 Therefore it is the responsibility of the ICT and E-government department to come up with innovations that will adjust and upgrade systems and processes for improved service delivery.  

 ‘H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui is young, energetic and dynamic. He religiously believes that through ICT County Government resources can be effectively harnessed to work for the people, which is the essence of devolution’, said Raymond.

 This in house meeting with the ICT staff came after a series of meeting with various employees from the same department and its aim was to align the department’s mission and vision with the manifesto of the Governor.

 The Governor’s vision is the lifeline of the ten department’s activities as it gives the impetus to all the activities of the County Government of Nakaru in the endeavor of H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui to serve the people better.

 During the meeting, Raymond shared Governor Kinyanjui’s ICT plan for the county which is to improve Wireless Access Networks within all Sub-County offices; install CCTV surveillance systems within urban centres.

 Other plans include establishing digital information hubs within sub-counties; establishing free Wi-Fi zones within Sub-County headquarters; creating online portals to effect online payments and service access as well as developing  ICT solutions and platforms to facilitate ease of doing business with and accessing services from the County Government of Nakuru.

For this plans to be realized, Raymond asked his staff to appreciate the change that is taking place, internalize it and be ready to be part of the transformation.

 He asked the employees who he urged to work as a team to adopt a businesslike approach in the execution of their duties as they always seeks to build, enhance, protect and maintain systems and processes.

 Saying this will aid the aspiration of H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui for making the County Government of Nakuru ISO certified by 2022.

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