Ministry of Health Services


The Nakuru County Government’s Department of Health Services is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the people of Nakuru have access to innovative, cost-friendly and dignified health services. This department is headed by a CEC Member. To assist him is a Chief Officer who in turn gets technical support from a County Director through a County Health Management Team (CHMT). The team comprises of a team of officers from various disciplines. These disciplines include the Nursing, Health Records & Information, Laboratory, Public Health among others.


Currently, the population is served by a total of 657 Health facilities and 249 CUs.

The core mandate of the department of health is promotion, regulation and provision of health care services to the people of Nakuru County




An efficient and high quality health care system that is accessible, equitable and affordable for every citizen in the county and Kenyan s in general.




To promote and participate in provision of integrated and high quality promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services to all Nakuru County citizens and Kenyans in general.




To provide health services, create an enabling environment, regulate, set standards and policy for health service delivery.




  1. Policy Implementation.
  2. Preventive and Promotive Health Services.
  3. Curative and Rehabilitative Health Services.
  4. Standards and Regulations.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation of provision of Health care services.

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